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  • 日期 : 2018-01-23
Strengthen Career Counseling

We provide all kind of activities for students each semesters, to enhance your comprehensive abilities of career markets, including :Career Lectures, Institution visit, Career research and study activities, Resume and essay checkup, Interview simulation…etc. We provide you a different way of reflections, creating your own uniqueness, improving your career value and competitiveness.

Career Consulting Services

If you have any problems of career planning, welcome to ask, we can reserve a one-to-one consulting service, we do our best to answer your questions and give advices, guiding your career direction.

At the same time we can also use assessment tool CPAS and UCAN…etc to assist you figuring out your future.

Career Education Courses

Through each week’s courses, letting you to create the positive career calculation system, connection with industries, strengthen your knowledge of career abilities, it can build a good foundation of you future. The courses including : Career Lectures, self-learning : Alumni Excellent Lectures, Career Guidance – Improving Career Abilities, Working Abilities and Business Citizens and Life Aesthetics…etc.

Campus campus recruitment

We provide a variety of jobs for students, in order to let excellent businesses and our students find their best ways.

Domestic and Overseas Internship

To let you experience career during studying actual expanding your horizons.

Career and Interdisciplinary Teachers

 Along with all professional teachers, we help you to get rid of all kind of career difficulties, providing you a deeper way of career planning and preparations.

Happy Job Volunteer groups

To let you explore yourself from “do from learning, learning from doing”, to identify yourself and your potential, training your attitude and etiquette during having career. )

Jobs Information – Campus Jobs website

We provide you jobs information, including full-time and part-time jobs, you can preview some jobs and give out resumes.

Relative Jobs Information

Collecting all public authorities, universities and colleges and business jobs information, providing you the latest information

Career e-paper – “I Love Tunghai Super Job”