About internships

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  • 日期 : 2018-01-23

Tunghai University internship program for colleges and departments was launched many years ago and has been very successful. We have assisted more than 1,500 students every year to work as an intern at various businesses and organizations to apply their academic knowledge and gain practical work experiences through credit and non-credit arrangements. Through this internship program, students will be able to integrate their educational and practical learning in the hope to secure a full-time position with their internship sponsor after graduation.

The Job Placement and Alumni Office has a role in the internship program in channeling the alumni and business resources to further promote the internship program in the following three phases: making overall planning and integration, expanding the program, and working with industries. Through effective planning and integration of resources according to the internship specification, the platform we created will search and screen reputable companies to participate in this program. All the matters regarding internships such as recruiting, businesses-interns matching, submission of documents and feedback, providing of additional and related information and resources will take place through the platform. We welcome businesses that are passionate about working with students to join us. We also encourage students who are interested in the internship program or the interdisciplinary learning to take this opportunity to participate and contact us as soon as possible.


Contact Alumni Office: Miss Chen
Telephone No. 04-23590121*28406
E-mail kellygf@thu.edu.tw