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Thank you letter from Thomas Linde
Thank you letter from Thomas Linde
On behalf of the Department of Music, I would like to offer my deepest gratitude to all those who made donations during our fund drive last semester. The support offered by contributors surpassed our most hopeful expectations. Your generous support has enabled us to continue our efforts in helping our department reach its full potential as an exemplary musical institution.  
There are various ways that we will be using the funds from your contributions. Perhaps most important on our agenda is to purchase new pianos for our student’s practice rooms. Presently, we have some 70 piano majors who need to practice several hours each day. Some of the instruments that the students are now using have gone through hours of daily use for twenty-five to thirty years andurgently need to be replaced.
Another high priority concerns sound insulation in the teacher’s studios. It is important that each studio and practice room is as sound proof as possible so as not to disturb those working nearby. Several of our teachers have mentioned that sounds from neighboring studios make it difficult for them to concentrate. Good insulation is essential for our teachers and students to teach and practice effectively.  
We are also intending to update our electronic piano lab. Such a facility is used for teaching electronic music and multi-media courses that are becoming prominent as music education continues to evolve. Presently, we need to renovate our computer software and replace some of the old electronic pianos and computers. Having an up-to-date pianolab is necessary so that our department can offer courses that combine musical education with modern computer technology.
Recruitment has recently become an important watchword at Tunghai as the need to promote our school steadily increases. The demographic drop in college-age students throughout the island necessitates us to find new ways of attracting students. Currently, we are planning to make a promotional video for our new department website. Such a video would favorably show our campus, our department and its facilities, excerpts from major performances, and interviews with faculty members. This would be a valuable tool for recruitment in the challenging years ahead for prospective students and parents both in Taiwan and abroad.
In addition, to these immediate needs, there are two long-term goals that our department intends to work toward. Our first priority is to build new classrooms in what will constitute a basement on the east side of the music building. At present, our classrooms are not sufficient in number to accommodate the courses offered at our department. As we begin to add more diverse subjects to our curriculum (such as music therapy) the need for more teaching space will increase. New classrooms will also be useful for practicing, teaching private music lessons, and rehearsing small ensembles.
The piano faculty has long hoped to buy a Steinway concert grand piano for the recital hall. Before such a purchase is made, the storage space of the recital hall must be enlarged to house such a large instrument. A Steinway concert grand, arguably the finest piano in existence, would be a considerable boon to our department and add new potential to performances in our recital hall. 
Such long-term goals will require a considerable amount of funding but will be important in enabling our department to continuously improve. Your continued support in the maintenance and upgrading of our facilities will be greatly appreciated and will enable us to thrive in the years ahead.
Thank you again for all of your generous support. Your donations have given our department new potential!
Sincerely yours,
Thomas Linde
Chairman, Department of Music
Tunghai University