Employment Counseling

Recruitment Consulting services

Career Evaluation

Using Evaluation can assist students to conduct their career exploration, finding your interests, personalities is the key to start a career. Understanding one’s personality, interests and expertise, to exploit the future career development, in order to conduct the career plan in advance, to guide your own road to the future.

Evaluation tools: CPAS, UCAN

Groups Career Counseling

Inviting professional teachers to conduct Groups Career Counseling with the students, we can provide you employment trends and prepare suggestions by different professional traits of different departments.

Individual Counseling

If you have any problems of planning your career, you can reserve a one-to-one counseling, we will do our best to answer all the questions and give proper suggestions to guide students the way of their careers.  


Happy Job Volunteer groups

In order to train the students, we have preparation in advance before taking up the occupations, to let you explore yourself during learning, finding yourself. Also discover self-potential while servings, the most important is to train the altitude and etiquette.
Every Tuesdays’ nights has Career Guidance Educative Training, in order to let you service but also with multifarious learning. 

Enhancing Career Guidance

Career Guidance Lectures

Through the lectures to enhance your comprehensive abilities of employment market and your career, we invite lots of lectures from the industries to share their experiences, social knowledge and abilities, providing different perspectives, to let you create your own special trait, to enhance your employability value.

Employers explanation session

Inviting excellent employers to conduct relative explanation session, to connect you with the social industries, to learn the various conditions of the markets and their requirements, to get more business employment resources, letting you win at the first time.  

Employment Learning Activities

Through long-term learning activities, strongly enhance your career intelligence abilities and working abilities, not only do we provide courses lectures but also have actual drills and interactive activities, to let you explore your future, to enhance competitiveness after graduating.

Resume / Essay Checkup

Through the one-to-one personal checkup by professional teachers, to provide checkups, modifications and guidance, to improve written communication skills and self-marketing concept, give others good impression, to let you stand out among lots of job seekers, let you win.

Interview simulation

Inviting professional lecturers to be simulated interviewer, through actual simulated interview practices to improve individual interviews and group interviews, after the simulated interview, they give suggestions and notes, let you can have more preparations and confidences during seeking jobs after graduations.

Career Education Courses

Career and Vocation

We set up courses together with Center for General Education, we make full use of the resources between us and the alumni, inviting experienced alumni to come back and make a speech, sharing their experiences and professional ethics with students. After the courses, you will reflect and grow after hearing different sharing, in order to fully planning your career life.

Self-Learning : Excellent Alumni Lectures

We set up courses together with Center for General Education, each department invite their own alumni to come back and share their professional ethics, attitude and experiences, in order to coordinate with the alumni, time and the location is not regular, providing you self-learning way to take classes, and also manage your self-control.

Career Guidance – Increase Career Abilities

Through groups, letting you establish positive career circulation system, connecting with the industries, strengthen knowledge during each classes

 Career Surviving Abilities

Cooperating with each institution, assisting the students to improve their career abilities, increase their knowledge of the industries, through simulated interviews and actual practices, reach the goal of taking jobs after graduation in time.

Business Citizenship and Life Aesthetics

We set up courses together with Center for General Education, inviting alumni to guide students through Yoga, taking you to explore life aesthetics, seeking for the sweetness of life, enhancing personal abilities, leading you to connect with businesses when starting the career, also hold a good foundation of your future.

Institution visit

To increase the understanding of businesses for the students, through the excellent cooperation with businesses, we take students to visit high quality business’s operative situations, during this activity, not only do the students listen to the presentations of business concepts but also got explained the situations and practical operation of the equipment..

Campus Recruitment

We hold a huge campus recruitment each April, we have about 80 industries and companies to join this, providing a variety of jobs for the students .

Domestic and Overseas Internships

Through the great internship chances from all the alumni around the globe, to let you experience taking jobs during the internships, actual practices let you broaden horizon.

Career and Interdisciplinary Teachers

After career guidance training, teachers provide you to solve any problems, providing you more depth career planning and preparation.

Jobs Connection – Campus Jobs Website

Providing various jobs information, including full-time and part-time jobs, and also announce new career knowledge, career celebrities, industrial trade…etc, the information all has been viewed the company's business enterprise registration, to avoid conflicting with the law, protecting your rights, you can see some extra jobs opportunities and also deliver resumes, multiple jobs opportunities make it easier to let you decide your future.

Career Information

 multiple career information

 collecting all kind of activities information from public institutions, universities and colleges and business companies, providing you the first-handed relative information.

Career E-paper – I love Tunghai Super Job

Each months at the 15th, including career plans’reports, the latest jobs opportunities…etc, please subscribe.

Graduation Students’Survey

Each years, we use employment tracking mechanisms, to understand the situations of the graduation students after they graduate, we not only survey their developments but also review out courses and education.  

Employers Satisfaction Survey

Through questionnaire to understand students’ situation and performance in the business companies, in order to assist the improvement of the future education and courses.