Alumni Services

“Tunghai” as a family, connecting all the alumni together, thanks to alumni’s passion and concern, we connect the school with the alumni, under the support from the alumni, it keeps growing.

We provide a comprehensive excellent alumni services : Included using papers and e-paper to send Tunghai University Quarterly, birthday card, we also transmit THU-news along with the connections with alumni information, we share important activities information irregularly, in order to strengthen the connection between the university and the alumni.

Positively promote alumni fraternal and cooperate with each departments : Conducting all kinds of alumni fraternal, alumni come-back-to-school dinner parties, alumni family festival, alumni and students fraternal activities…etc;Assisting alumni coming back to school and to celebrate graduation anniversaries, to let them feel like coming back home;Assisting establish Alumni Council and the Alumni Association, in order to enhance the relationships, it helps gaining concerns between each other and also assist school to develop efficiency.


  • Conducting the elections of excellent alumni / alumni excellent lectures
  • Alumni Association
  • Assisting establish Alumni Association
  • Alumni come-back-to-school activities
  • Alumni from domestic and overseas interviews
  • Alumni donations and credit checks
  • Tunghai University souvenirs
  • Assisting Alumni
  • Alumni Emails Applications
  • “Tunghai Universit” quarterly, e-papers
  • Tunghai University dreamland
  • Manage and update alumni information
  • Tunghai Universit identify cards